Taylor, Charles (1840-1908) Amélioration Assistance
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Taylor, Charles (1840-1908)


Langue d'expression : anglais
Pays : Pays inconnu
Date de naissance : 1840
Date de mort : 1908


Sayings of the Jewish Fathers.../ ed. by Charles Taylor, 1970-

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164441085 : The dirge of Coheleth in Ecclesiasses XII, discussed and literally interpreted [Texte imprimé] / by C. Taylor / London : Williams and Norgate , 1874

098429027 : Sayings of the Jewish fathers comprising Pirque Aboth and Pereq R. Meier in Hebrew and English, with critical and illustrative notes, and specimen pages of the Cambridge University manuscript of the Mishnah 'Jerusalemith' from with the text of Aboth is taken... [Texte imprimé] / by Charles Taylor,... / Cambridge : at the University Press , 1877

164441182 : The teaching of the twelve apostles with illustrations from the talmud [Texte imprimé] : two lectures on an ancient church manual discovered at Constantinople given the royal institution of Great Britain on may 29th and june 6th 1885 / By C. Taylor D. D. master of St. John's college, Cambridge / Cambridge : Deighton Bell and Co. , 1886

049176781 : The Oxyrhynchus logia and the apocryphal gospels [Texte imprimé] / by Charles Taylor / Oxford : Clarendon Press , 1899

132529491 : Hebrew-greek Cairo genizah palimpsests from the Taylor-Schechter collection [Texte imprimé] : including a fragment of the twenty-second Psalm according to Origen's Hexapla / edited for the syndics of the University Press by C. Taylor ,... / Cambridge : Cambridge University Press , 1900

092121543 : Leaflets from the Danish West Indies : descriptive of the social, political, and commercial condition of these islands / written and depicted by Chas. Edwin Taylor. With a portrait of the author and a biographical sketch written by Ph. Linet / Westport, Conn. : Negro Universities Press , [1970]

Préfacier, etc. :

Rôles ?

121223523 : Fragments of the Book of Kings according to the translation of Aquila [Texte imprimé] : from a ms. formerly in the Geniza at Cairo, now in the possession of C. Taylor, ... and S. Schechter, ... / edited ... by F. Crawford Burkitt, ... ; with a preface by C. Taylor, ... / Cambridge : the University Press , 1897

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