Kiffin, William (1616-1701) Amélioration Assistance
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Kiffin, William (1616-1701)

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Kiffen, William (1616-1701)
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Langue d'expression : anglais
Date de naissance : 1616
Date de mort : 1701


Note publique d'information :
Pasteur baptiste anglais. Membre du Parlement


DNB. LCNA (CD), 1996-03

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Identifiant BNF : FRBNF131644784

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Editeur scientifique :

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163016070 : Baptism discovered plainly & faithfully, [Ressource électronique] : according to the word of God. Wherein is set forth the glorious pattern of our blessed Saviour Jesus Christ, the pattern of all believers in his subjection to baptism. Together with the example of thousands who were baptized after they believed. By John Norcott, late servant of Jesus Christ, and of his Church / Norcott, John / The fourth edition, corrected by Will. Kiffin, and Rich. Claridge. With an appendix by another hand. [Eight lines of Scripture texts]. / [Farmington Hills, Mich] : Cengage Gale , 2009

Sujet :

Rôles ?

004132416 : Stranger than fiction : the life of William Kiffin / B. A. Ramsbottom / Harpenden (GB) : Gospel standard trust publ , 1989

Fonction non précisée :

Rôles ?

138334897 : VValwins wiles, or, The manifestators manifested viz. Lieu. Col. John Lilburn, Mr. Will. Walwin, Mr. Richard Overton, and Mr. Tho. Prince [Ressource électronique] : discovering themselves to be Englands new chains and Irelands back friends / by a lover of the present and eternall interest of man-kinde. / [Farmington Hills, Mich] : Thomson Gale , 2005

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