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Tyler, Royall (1757-1826)

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Citizen of the United States
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Author of The contrast
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Contrast, Author of the
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American youth
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Langue d'expression : anglais
Date de naissance : 1807 1757
Date de mort : 2608 1826


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Dramaturge. Auteur d'un roman picaresque et d'un recueil de lettres imaginaires. Homme de loi


LCNA (CD), 1996-06. Oxford American lit.. Encycl. Britannica, 15th ed.

The Algerine captive / by Royall Tyler ; ed. for the modern reader by Don L. Cook, 1970

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05866114X : Royall Tyler / [by] G. Thomas Tanselle / Cambridge : Harvard University Press , 1967

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