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Doolittle, Justus


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Social life of the Chinese : daily life in China / Justus Doolittle, 2002

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100460925 : Social life of the Chinese [Texte imprimé] : with some account of their religious, governmental, educational, and business customs and opinions. With special but not exclusive reference to Fuhchau / by Rev. Justus Doolitle. With over one hundred and fifty illustrations / New York : Harpers , 1867

100455352 : Vocabulary and hand-book of the Chinese language [Texte imprimé] : romanized in the mandarin dialect / Foochow : Rozario , 1872

074092545 : Social life of the Chinese [Texte imprimé] : daily life in China / Justus Doolittle / London : Kegan Paul , 2002

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