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Dodge, Richard Irving (1827-1895)


Langue d'expression : anglais
Date de naissance : 1827
Date de mort : 1895


The plains of North America and their inhabitants / Richard Irving Dodge, 1984

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019750404 : The Black Hills : A minute description of the routes, scenery, soil, climate, timber, gold, geology, zoölogy, etc. With an accurate map, four sectional drawings, and ten plates from photographs, taken on the spot / By Richard Irving Dodge ... / New York : J. Miller , 1876

175709319 : The hunting grounds of the Great West [Texte imprimé] : a description of the plains, game, and Indians of the great North American desert / by Richard Irving Dodge,... ; with an introduction by William Blackmore ; with numerous illustrations by Ernest Griset / 2nd edition / London : Chatto & Windus , 1878

128167858 : Our wild indians : thirty-three years' personal experience among the red men of the Great West : a popular account ... / Richard Irving Dodge / Hartford : Worthington , 1882

022317899 : Our wild Indians : thirty-three years' personal experience among the red men of the great West. A popular account of their social life, religion, habits, traits, customs, exploits, etc. With thrilling adventures and experiences on the great plains and in the mountains of our wide frontier / By Colonel Richard Irving Dodge ... With an introduction by General Sherman ... / Hartford : A.D. Worthington and company , 1883

046397981 : The plains of North America and their inhabitants [Texte imprimé] / Richard Irving Dodge ; ed. by Wayne R. Kime / Newark : University of Delaware Press , c1984

055106692 : The Indian territory journals of Colonel Richard Irving Dodge / edited by Wayne R. Kime / Norman : University of Oklahoma Press , c2000

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