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Wheeler, Anna (1785-1848)

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Doyle, Anna
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Wheeler, Anna Doyle
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Langue d'expression : anglais , français
Date de naissance : 1785
Date de mort : 1848
Sexe : féminin


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Traductrice de Charles Fourier, suffragette, auteure féministe


Internet, http://www.pinn.net/%7Esunshine/whm2003/wheeler.html 05-02-2005

Information trouvée :Anna Doyle Wheeler 1785 - 1848, translating works from French into English, including the works of French Owenites and Charles Fourier. Wheeler moved to France in 1823 where she met Charles Fourier and began a long association with him in the role of translator of his works. One of the first women to mount the rostrum in England, Wheeler gave a staunchly feminist, public speech in 1829 in a chapel near Finsbury Square, London on "Rights of Women." While in France in the early 1830s, Wheeler joined the group of women which formed around the journal Tribune des femmes. published under the pseudonym Vlasta

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079137865 : Appeal of one half the human race, women, against the pretensions of the other half, men, to retain them in political, and thence in civil and domestic, slavery / William Thompson and Anna Wheeler ; with a new introduction by Michael Foot and Marie Mulvey Roberts / Bristol : Thoemmes , 1994

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