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Gunning, Peter (1614-1684)

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Gunning, Peter (Bishop of Chichester)
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Gunning, Peter (Bishop of Ely)
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Langue d'expression : anglais
Date de naissance : 1614
Date de mort : 06 07 1684
Sexe : masculin


Note publique d'information :
Ev^eque de Chichester puis Ely


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Information trouvée :Peter Gunning (1614 - July 6, 1684), was an English Royalist church leader, Bishop of Chichester and later of Ely. He was born at Hoo, in Kent, and educated at the King's School, Canterbury, and Clare College, Cambridge, where he became a fellow in 1633. He was consecrated bishop of Chichester in 1669, and was translated to the see of Ely in 1674 - 1675.

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142022535 : An essay upon faith, [Ressource électronique] : by way of conference; collected out of the works of the Right Reverend Father in God, Peter Gunning, late Lord Bishop of Ely. And several others of the most eminent divines of the Church of England; For Comforting the Weak in Faith / Gunning, Peter / [Farmington Hills, Mich] : Cengage Gale , 2009

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