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Smirke, Robert (1752-1845)

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Smirke, R. (1752-1845)
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Langue d'expression : anglais
Date de naissance : 1752
Date de mort : 1845
Sexe : masculin


Note publique d'information :
Peintre, dessinateur, illustrateur, membre de l'Académie royale de Londres


Internet,, 20120525

Internet,, 20120525

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Auteur :

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14139577X : Review of a battalion of infantry, [Ressource électronique] : including the eighteen manœuvres, illustrated by a series of engraved diagrams; to which are added the words of command: With AN Accurate Description Of Each Manoeuvre, Explaining The Duty And Ascertaining The Situation Of The Officers Through The Various Movements Of The Corps: Forming AN Easy Introduction To This Part Of The System Of British Military Discipline / Smirke, Robert / [Farmington Hills, Mich] : Cengage Gale , 2009

140987843 : Under the patronage of, and dedicated, by permission, to, the honourable the court of directors of the East India Company. Lord Cornwallis receiving as hostages the two sons of Tippoo Sultaun. [Ressource électronique] : Proposals for publishing by subscription, a print, taken from the above interesting and splendid event, to be engraved by Mr. W. Sharp, from a picture by Mr. R. Smirke / Bowyer, Robert / [Farmington Hills, Mich] : Cengage Gale , 2009

Illustrateur :

Rôles ?

192333232 : The Arabian nights / translated by the Reverend Edward Forster ; with engravings from pictures by Robert Smirke, R.A. / London : Printed for W. Miller, by W. Bulmer and Co. , 1802

042589517 : A collection of prints, from pictures painted for the purpose of illustrating the dramatic works of Shakspeare / by the artists of Great-Britain / London : Published by John and Josiah Boydell, Shakspeare Gallery ... Printed by W. Bulmer and Co. ... , 1803

126459436 : The Arabian nights entertainments, carefully revised and occasionally corrected from the Arabic. To which is added, a selection of new tales, now first translated from the Arabic originals. Also, an introduction and notes, illustrative of the religion, manners and customs, of the Mahummedans. By Jonathan Scott,... With engravings from paintings by Smirke. In six volumes. Vol. I [-VI] / London, printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, Paternoster-Row. 1811. , 1811

192333844 : The Arabian nights / translated by the Reverend Edward Forster ; with engravings from pictures by Robert Smirke, R.A. / Alexandrie : Bibliotheca Alexandrina , 2009-2010

189545747 : Oeuvres de A. René Le Sage, ornées de gravures

Sujet :

Rôles ?

09786322X : Sale catalogues of libraries of eminent persons 4, architects [Texte imprimé] / general editor: A.N.L. Munby ; edited, with introductions, by D.J. Watkin / London : Mansell with Sotheby Parke-Bernet Publications, Ltd , 1972

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141011262 : Proposals for engraving by subscription, five prints: being after a part of a collection of pictures presented to the Corporation of the City of London, by Alderman Boydell. Painted in fresco by J. F. Rigaud, by Rob. Smirke, [Ressource électronique] : Esq. R. A. Four of them on the Angles, under the Cupola, in the Common-Council Room, in Guildhall. I. Providence. II. Innocence. III. Wisdom. IV. Happiness. Represented by Allegorical Emblems. V. Conjugal Affection, Or Industry and Prudence. Painting ESQ.R.A. For a further explanation of the whole Collection, see the Catalogue of the Pictures at Guildhall, price sixpence; the profit of which will be appropriated to the servants, who will have an extra trouble in waiting upon the company, and keeping the room in order / Rigaud, J. F / [Farmington Hills, Mich] : Cengage Gale , 2009

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