Druce, George Claridge (1850-1932) Amélioration Assistance
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Druce, George Claridge (1850-1932)


Langue d'expression : anglais
Date de naissance : 1850
Date de mort : 1932
Sexe : masculin


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The comital flora of the British Isles/George Claridge Druce.- Arbroath, 1932.

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018879985 : The Dillenian herbaria[Texte imprimé] : an account of the Dillenian collections in the herbarium of the University of Oxford, together with a biographical sketch of Dillenius, selections from his correspondence, notes, &c / by G. Claridge Druce. Ed., with an introduction, by S. H. Vines / Oxford : The Clarendon press , 1907

019268297 : An account of the Morisonian herbarium in the possession of the University of Oxford [Texte imprimé] : together with biographical and critical sketches of Morison and the two Bobarts and their works and the early history of the Physic garden, 1619-1720 / by S. H. Vines,... and G. Claridge Druce,... / Oxford : Clarendon press , 1914

007022638 : The flora of Oxfordshire [Texte imprimé] : a topographical & historical account of the flowering plants and ferns found in the county ; with biographical notices of the botanists who have contributed to Oxfordshire botany during the last four centuries / by George Claridge Druce / 2nd ed. / Oxford : Clarendon Press , 1927

095746099 : British plant lis [Texte imprimé] : containing the spermophytes, pteridophytes and charophytes found either as natives or growing in a wild state in Britain, Ireland, and the Channel Isles / George Claridge Druce / 2è éd. / Arbroath : T. Buncle and Co , 1928

095698973 : The comital flora of the British Isles : (Flora comitalis Britannicae: fl. com. Brit.) Being the distribution of British (including a number of nonindigenous) plants throughout the 152 vice-counties of Great Britain, Ireland, and the Channel Islands, with the place of growth, elevation, world-distribution, grade, chief synonyms, and first names by which the plants were reecorded as British / by George Claridge Druce, with an original coloured map showing the botanical vice-counties, presented by William James Patey / Arbroath : T. Buncle , 1932

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128223871 : Hayward's botanist's pocket-book [Texte imprimé] : containing the chief characteristics of British plants : with botanical name, common name, soil or situation, colour, growth, and time of flowering of every plant, arranged under its own order / 17th ed., rev. by G. Claridge Druce. / London : G. Bell , 1922

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