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Martyn, John (1699-1768)

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Martin, Johann (1699-1768)
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Martyn, Joannes (1699-1768)
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Langue d'expression : anglais
Date de naissance : 12 09 1699
Date de mort : 29 01 1768
Sexe : masculin


Note publique d'information :
Professeur de botanique à Cambridge (GB). Également traducteur et commentateur des "Bucoliques" et des "Géorgiques" de Virgile


Internet,, 20141212


The compleat herbal or the botanical institutions of Mr Tournefort. - London, 1719-1730

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042675421 : Joannis Martyn Historia plantarum rariorum,... / Londini : ex typographia Richardi Reily. , MDCCXXVIII

042724244 : Joannis Martyn Historia plantarum rariorum ob praestantiam denuo edita studio atque opera Joannis Danielis Meyeri ... Johann Martyns Beschreibung seltener Pflanzen ihrer Fürtrefflichkeit wegen von neuem hrsg. durch Johann Daniel Meyer ... / Nürnberg : Gedruckt bey A. Bieling , 1752

141628057 : Dissertations and critical remarks upon the Æneids of Virgil. [Ressource électronique] : Containing, Among Other Interesting Particulars, A full Vindication of the Poet from the Charge of an Anachronism with Regard to the Foundation of Carthage. By the late John Martyn, F. R. S. Editor of Virgil's Georgicks and Bucolicks. To the whole is prefixed, some account of the author and his writings / Martyn, John / [Farmington Hills, Mich] : Cengage Gale , 2009

16268570X : A history of rare plants. By John Martyn Fellow of the Royal Society [Ressource électronique] / Martyn, John / [Farmington Hills, Mich] : Cengage Gale , 2009

141337524 : Methodus plantarum circa Cantabrigiam nascentium [Ressource électronique] / Martyn, John / [Farmington Hills, Mich] : Cengage Gale , 2009

141337532 : Methodus plantarum circa Cantabrigiam nascentium [Ressource électronique] / Martyn, John / [Farmington Hills, Mich] : Cengage Gale , 2009

162882009 : Joannis Martyn Historia plantarum rariorum [Ressource électronique] / Martyn, John / [Farmington Hills, Mich] : Cengage Gale , 2010

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103860312 : Bathoniensium et Aquisgranensium thermarum comparatio variis adjunctis illustrata R.P. epistola ad illustrissimum virum, Rogerum Castlemaini Comitem. ... / Londini : Impensis J. Martyn, ad insigne Campanae in Coemeterio D. Pauli, MDCLXXVI , 1676

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103841504 : The compleat herbal, or, The botanical institutions of Mr. Tournefort, chief botanist to the late French king. Carefully translated from the original Latin. With large additions from Ray, Gerarde, Parkinson, and others, the most celebrated moderns. To which are added, two alphabetical indexes, one containing the names, the other, the physical vertues and uses of the several plants. Illustrated with about five hundred copper plates, containing above four thousand different figures, all curiously engraven ... / London : Printed for R. Bonwicke, Tim. Goodwin, John Walthoe, S. Wotton, Sam Manship ... , 1719-1730

182399303 : P. Virgilii Maronis Bucolica et Georgica : with an English translation and notes by John Martyn,...Illustrated by a series of plates

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