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Hassall, Arthur-Hill (1817-1894)


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Adulterations detected or plain instructions for the discovery of frauds in food and medicine / by Arthur Hill Hassal. 2nd ed. 1861

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017659000 : A history of the British freshwater Algæ [Texte imprimé] : including descriptions of the Desmideæ and Diatomaceæ : with upwards of one hundred plates, illustrating the various species / by Arthur Hill Hassall,... / London : S. Highley and H. Bailliere , 1845

018817866 : The Microscopic anatomy of the human body, in health and disease ... / Arthur Hill Hassall / London : S. Highley , 1846

019681240 : The microscopic anatomy of the human body, in health and disease / by Arthur Hill Hassall / London : S. Highley , 1849

02679991X : A microscopic examination of the water supplied to the inhabitants of London and the suburban districts : illustrated by coloured plates exhibiting the living animal and vegetable productions in Thames and other waters ... : with an examination, microscopic and general, of their sources of supply ... / by Arthur Hill Hassall / London : Samuel Highley , 1850

173121330 : Arthur Hill Hassall's Mikroskopische Anatomie des menschlichen Körpers im gesunden und kranken Zustande / aus dem Englischen übers. von Otto Kohlschütter / Leipzig : Schäfer , 1852

132345757 : Food and its adulterations [Texte imprimé] : comprising the reports of the Analytical Sanitary Commission of "The Lancet" for the years 1851 to 1854 inclusive, revised and extended : being records of the results of some thousands of original microscopical and chemical analyses of the solids and fluids consumed by all classes of the public : and containing the names and addresses of the various merchants, manufacturers, and tradesmen of whom the analysed articles were purchased / by Arthur Hill Hassall; Illustrated by one hundred and fifty-nine engravings, showing the minute structures of the greater number of the vegetable substances employed as articles of food, also those of the majority of the substances used for adulteration / London : Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans , 1855

113763182 : Adulterations detected or plain instructions for the discovery of frauds in food and medicine [Texte imprimé] / by Arthur Hill Hassall,.. / 2nd edition / London : Longman, Green , 1861

035246030 : The wine in health and disease ... / Arthur Hill Hassall / 2nd ed. / London : Churchill , 1863

123802857 : The urine in health and disease [Texte imprimé] : being an exposition of the composition of the urine, and of the pathology and treatment of urinary and renal disorders : Illustrated by numerous engravings / Arthur Hill Hassall / 2. edition / London : J. Churchill , 1863

121437000 : The Inhalation treatment of diseases of the organs of respiration, including consumption [Texte imprimé] / Arthur Hill Hassall / London : Longmans , 1885

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