Remey, Charles Mason (1874-1974) Amélioration Assistance
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Remey, Charles Mason (1874-1974)


Langue d'expression : anglais
Date de naissance : 15 05 1874
Date de mort : 04 02 1974
Sexe : masculin


Note publique d'information :
Bahaï américain. Nommé gardien de la foi bahaïe de 1899 à sa mort


Internet,, 2012-01-10

Information trouvée :Charles Mason Remey (May 15, 1874 - February 4, 1974) was a prominent and controversial American Bahá'í

The universal consciousness of the baha'i revelation / Firenze : Tip. Sordomuti, 1925

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14963868X : The Bahai revelation and reconstruction [Texte imprimé] : a general brief treatise upon the history and the spiritual, social and economic principles of the religious movement, with special regard to the application of these principles to and there [sic] influence on, the coming peace of nations and the tranquillity and welfare of humanity / Charles Mason Remey / [Chicago] : [Bahai Pub. Society] , 1919

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051502399 : The universal consciousness of the Bahá'í religion [Texte imprimé] : a brief treatise introductory to the study of the Bahá'í revelation the object of which is the attainment of the universal consciousness by all human kind through the spiritual oneness of the peoples of all religions, races, nations and classes / by Charles Mason Remey / New York (N.Y.) : Bahá'í publishing committee, P.O. Box 348, Grand Central Station , 1925

06422046X : The Universal consciousness of the Bahá'i Revelation [Texte imprimé] : a brief treatise introductory to the study of the Bahá'í religion... / by Charles Mason Remey / [Firenze] : [Tip. Sordomuti] , 1925

051502380 : A series of twelve articles introductory to the study of the Bahá'í teachings [Texte imprimé] : treating briefly of the revelation of Bahá'u'lláh, history, organization, religious and secular doctrines and institutions / by Charles Mason Remey / [New York City : The Bahá'í Publishing Committee , 1925]

14963885X : The new day [Texte imprimé] : the Bahai revelation, a brief statement of its history and teaching / Charles Mason Remey / [Chicago] : [Bahai Publishing society] , [1919]

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