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Turin, Luca (1953-....)


Langue d'expression : Italien,Francais,Anglais,Allemand

Source, 2015-09-28

Information trouvée : He is currently on sabbatical from his position as Chief Technical Officer of Flexitral, a fragrance-molecule design company, and is conducting research on quantum effects in molecular biology as a visiting scientist at MIT. His lectures at TED and the University of Alaska at Juneau are viewable online, 2015-09-28

Information trouvée : In 1988, Turin began work at the lab led by neuroscience researcher Henri Korn at the Pasteur Institute. [...] In 2010, Turin was based at MIT, working on a project to develop an electronic nose related in part on his theories, financed by DARPA. In 2014 he moved to the Institute of Theoretical Physics at ULM University where he is currently a Visiting Professor.

La Carrosserie Touring / par Carlo Felice Bianchi Anderloni et Angelo Tito Anselmi ; [trad. par Luca Turin], cop. 1983

Parfums / Luca Turin, 1992

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