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Helms, Richard (1913-2002)


Langue d'expression : Anglais
Pays : Etats-Unis
Date de naissance : 1913
Date de mort : 22 -  10 -  2002


Note publique d'information : 
Directeur de la CIA (1966-1973), puis ambassadeur en Iran (1973-1976)


Internet,, 12-08-2004

Information trouvée : Richard Helms, former US spy chief (22 Oct 2002) The man who led the US Central Intelligence Agency through some of its most controversial years has died at the age of 89. Richard Helms began working in intelligence during World War II and was director of the CIA from 1966 to 1973. Richard Helms started his career as a journalist, and an early coup was an interview with Adolf Hitler.

LCNA, 1977-1986. International who's who, 1986/1987

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Identifiant BNF : FRBNF11948595X

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