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Guy, Rosa (192.-2012)

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Cuthbert Guy, Rosa
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Date de naissance : 192X
Date de mort : 03 -  06 -  2012


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Source, 2012-06-07

Information trouvée : b. Sept. 1, 1925 or b. Sept. 1, 1928. born in Trinidad in the mid-1920s; 7 yrs old when she came to the United States; reticient about providing information about her date of birth and early childhood)


Information trouvée : 1928 ou 1925, 2012-06-07

Information trouvée : Rosa Cuthbert Guy (born September 1, 1922 in Trinidad--June 3, 2012) was an American writer, acclaimed for her books of fiction for adults and young people. In 1950, along with John Oliver Killens, Rosa Guy formed a workshop that was to become the Harlem Writers Guild (HWG), whose aim was "to develop and aid in the publication of works by writers of the African Diaspora"

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