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Finkelstein, Israel (1949-....)


Langue d'expression : Anglais,Hebreu


BN Service hébreu, 20100412

Inscribed in clay : provenance study of the amarna tablets and other ancient near eastern texts / Yuval Goren, Isarel Finkelstein and Nadav Na'aman ; contributions by Michal Artzy, Frank Asaro, Shlomo Bunimovitz... [et al.], 2004

ʿIzbet Ṣarṭah : an early Iron Age site near Rosh Haʿayin, Israel / by I. Finkelstein, 1986. From nomadism to monarchy : archeological and historical aspects of early Israel / ed. by Israel Finkelstein and Nadav Naʾaman, 1994

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