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Williams, Shirley (1930-....)

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Neustadt , Shirley Vivien Teresa
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Brittain, Shirley Vivien Teresa
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Williams of Crosby, Shirley (Baronne)
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BLNA, 1995-03

BN AMA (en ligne), 1995-05-12

Internet,, 27-11-2004

Information trouvée : Shirley Williams, Baroness Williams of Crosby, PC (born July 27, 1930), is a British politician. Originally a Labour MP, she was one of the Gang of Four rebels who founded the now-defunct SDP (Social Democratic Party) in 1981. She is now the leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords,but is stepping down from this position with effect from the November 2004 State Opening of Parliament. Born Shirley Vivien Teresa Brittain, She married Harvard academic Richard Neustadt, moved to the USA, and effectively retired from politics. She returned to politics as a life peer with the title Baroness Williams of Crosby in 1993, and in 2001 became the Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords. She is on the Advisory Council of the Institute for Public Policy Research.

Politics is for people / Shirley Williams, 1981

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