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Hewlett, Richard Greening (1923-....)

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Hewlett, R. G.
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Hewlett, Richard G.
[Nom de personne]
Hewlett, R. Greening
[Nom de personne]


Langue d'expression : Anglais


Atoms for peace and war, 1953-1961 / R. G. Hewlett and J. M. Holl, 1989

Information trouvée : Historien au Department of energy, United States atomic energy commission (en 1989)

Internet, , 2012-06-14

Information trouvée : Date de naissance 1923, photo

Internet, , 2012-06-14

Information trouvée : Prénoms Richard Greening Hewlett.- Book bio (senior vice president of History Associates Incorporated, Rockville, Md., and historiographer of the Washington National Cathedral and the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, D.C.; coauthor of a A history of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commision; author of numerous articles on the history of science and technology

The new world, 1939-1946 / Richard G. Hewlett and Oscar E. Anderson, 1962

Information trouvée : Ph.D. in history from the University of Chicago in 1952, has been on the staff of the Atomic energy commission ever since

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