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Brenner, Sydney X. (1927-....)


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Information trouvée : Sydney Brenner (born 1927 January 13) is a British biologist active in the United States. Born in Germiston, South Africa, he made seminal contributions to the emerging field of molecular biology in the 1960s, notably in the elucidation of the triplet code of protein translation through the Crick, Brenner et al. experiment of 1961, which discovered frameshift mutations. he shared the 2002 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with H. Robert Horvitz and John Sulston.

Molecular biology : a selection of papers / compiled by S. Brenner, 1989

Information trouvée : En poste au Medical research cancer, Molecular genetics unit, Cambridge, GB (en 1989)

WW in science in Europe, 1989 : Brenner Sidney, 1927

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