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Westheimer, Ruth Karola (1928-....)

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Westheimer, Ruth
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Siegel, Ruth Karola
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Dr Ruth
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CORC (, 2001-10-19

Internet, le 22-05-2005,

Information trouvée : Dr. Ruth Karola Westheimer, popularly known as Dr. Ruth, (born Karola Ruth Siegel June 4, 1928 in Frankfurt am Main in Germany), is a popular American sex therapist. After the war, she joined the Haganah in Jerusalem and was wounded in action. She subsequently studied psychology at Sorbonne University and taught. She emigrated to the United States in 1956 and attended Columbia University, where she earned her Master's in sociology and a PhD in education. She completed post-doctoral work in human sexuality at New York Hospital-Cornell University Medical Center in New York City.

Les Erotiques de l'art / Dr Ruth Westheimer, 1993. Le sexe pour les nuls / Dr Ruth K. Westheimer ; [trad. de l'américain], 2001

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