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Wilson, Bryan R. (1926-2004)


Langue d'expression : Anglais
Pays : Royaume-Uni
Date de naissance : 25 -  06 -  1926
Date de mort : 09 -  10 -  2004
Genre : Masculin


Note publique d'information : 
Sociologue britannique, spécialiste de sociologie religieuse


Internet, alt.obituaries, 2004-10-19

Information trouvée : décès 2004 : Bryan Ronald Wilson was born on June 25 1926 in Leeds, where he was educated. After National Service in the Army, Wilson studied at University College, Leicester, before taking a First in Economics from the University of London in 1952. He then wrote a PhD thesis at the London School of Economics on Christadelphians, Elim Pentecostals and Christian Scientists.A period of post-doctoral research at the University of California, Berkeley, enabled Wilson to expand his thesis into Sects and Society (1961). After a lectureship in sociology t the University of Leeds, Wilson spent the rest of his academic career at Oxford, where he was appointed Reader in Sociology in 1962 and, from 1963, a Fellow of All Souls. He also spent periods as a teacher, examiner and researcher in Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Western Europe. Bryan Wilson died on October 9.

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