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Knopp, Konrad (1882-1957)


Langue d'expression : Allemand
Pays : Allemagne
Date de naissance : 1882
Date de mort : 1957


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Mathématicien. Professeur de mathématiques en Asie, à Berlin, à Königsberg et à l'Université de Tübingen, Tübingen, Allemagne (en 1926-1950)


Internet, 05-02-2005

Information trouvée : Konrad Hermann Theodor Knopp Born: 22 July 1882 in Berlin, Germany Died: 20 April 1957 in Annecy, France. Konrad Knopp spent one semester at the University of Lausanne in 1901. He then went to the University of Berlin receiving a qualification to teach in 1906 and a doctorate in 1907. Knopp taught in Nagasaki in western Kyushu, Japan and travelled in India and China. In 1910 he returned to Germany and married the painter Gertrud Kressner. They moved to the German-Chinese academy in Tsingtao, eastern Shantung province, China. In 1911 Knopp and his wife returned from Tsingtao to Germany and Knopp became an officer in the army, being wounded in World War I. After 1914 he taught at Berlin University, at Königsberg where he was a professor in 1915 and at Tübingen from 1926 until he retired in 1950.

LCNA, 1993-03 : Knopp, Konrad 1882-1957

Theory of functions / by Dr. Konrad Knopp ; transl. by Frederick Bagemihl, 1975

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