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Vickers-Rich, Patricia (1944-....)

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Rich, Patricia Vickers-
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Vickers Rich, Pat
[Nom de personne]
Rich, Pat Vickers
[Nom de personne]


Langue d'expression : Anglais


CORC (Internet,, 2000-08-02

New world vultures with old world affinities ? : a review of fossil and recent gypaetinae of both the old and the new world / Pat Vickers Rich, 1980. The fossil book, a record of prehistoric life / Carroll Lane Fenton and Mildred Adams Fenton ; rev. and expanded by Patricia Vickers Rich, Thomas Hewitt Rich and Mildred Adams Fenton, 1989. Wildlife of Gondwana : dinosaurs and other vertebrates from the ancient supercontinent / Patricia Vickers-Rich and Thomas Hewitt Ric ; principal photogr. by Francesco Coffa and Steven Morton ; reconstructions by Peter Trusler, 1999

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