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Falkner, Thomas (1707?-1784)

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Falkner, Tomas
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Langue d'expression : Anglais
Pays : Royaume-Uni
Date de naissance : 1707
Date de mort : 30 -  01 -  1784


Note publique d'information : 
Missionaire jésuite en Argentine et au Paraguay. Médecin


BN Cat. gén.

Description des terres magellaniques et des pays adjacens / trad. de l'anglais [de M. Thomas Falkner] ; par M. B**, 1787. Descripcion de Patagonia et de las partes adyacentes de la America meridional / escrita en ingles por D. Tomas Falkner,

Information trouvée :  Né le 6 octobre 1707


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Information trouvée : FALKNER, Thomas, clergyman, born in Manchester, England, in 1710; died in Plowdenhall, Salopshire, England, 30 January 1784. He had extraordinary success in his missionary labors, which was largely due to his ability in curing the sick, his dexterity in surgical operations, and his knowledge of mechanics. During forty years he lived at different stations on the Chaco, the Paraguay, the Tucuman, and on the Pampas. He was employed by the Spanish government in 1750 to draw a map of the coast of South America from the south of Brazil to Tierra del Fuego, which on its completion was printed in 1761 at Quito, and is noted for its accuracy, He also designed a chart of Paraguay in 1757, a chart of the Tucuman in 1759, and several others of less importance. On the expulsion of the Jesuits he was sent to Spain, and afterward went to England, where he became chaplain in an old English Roman Catholic family near Worcester.

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