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Robinson, Abraham (1918-1974)

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Robinsohn, Abraham
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Langue d'expression : Allemand
Pays : Allemagne
Date de naissance : 06 -  10 -  1918
Date de mort : 11 -  04 -  1974


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Brockhaus, 19. Aufl.

Internet, 07-01-2005

Information trouvée : We should note at the outset that in fact Abraham Robinson's family name was Robinsohn rather than Robinson, the version which he used after 1940. Born: 6 Oct 1918 in Waldenburg, Germany (now Walbrzych, Poland) Died: 11 April 1974 in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. In 1946 he was awarded a Master's Degree from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and, following this, he began research at London University receiving a Ph.D. from London in 1949 for pioneering work in model theory and the metamathematics of algebraic systems. He went to the University of Toronto in 1951 to take up a chair of applied mathematics but left for Jerusalem in 1957 to fill Fraenkel's chair at the Hebrew University. He was Chairman of the Mathematics Department there until 1962 when he accepted the professorship of Mathematics and Philosophy at the University of California, Los Angeles. In 1967 he moved again, but remaining in the United States he went to Yale University as Professor of Mathematics. Other than changing his chair to the Sterling Professor of Mathematics at Yale in 1971 he remained there until his death.

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