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Hydrates de carbone alimentaires

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Carbohydrates, Dietary
[Nom commun]
Carbohydrate, Dietary
[Nom commun]
Dietary Carbohydrate
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Glucides alimentaires
[Nom commun]
Glucides alimentaires
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Carbohydrates present in food comprising digestible sugars and starches and indigestible cellulose and other dietary fibers. The former are the major source of energy. The sugars are in beet and cane sugar, fruits, honey, sweet corn, corn syrup, milk and milk products, etc.; the starches are in cereal grains, legumes (FABACEAE), tubers, etc. (From Claudio & Lagua, Nutrition and Diet Therapy Dictionary, 3d ed, p32, p277)

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/adv eff: coordinate with disease /etiol, not /chem ind; /ther use: coordinate with specific disease /diet ther

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Dietary Carbohydrates

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