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Coxsackie Viruses
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Virus Coxsackie
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Virus de Coxsackie
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A genus of the family PICORNAVIRIDAE whose members preferentially inhabit the intestinal tract of a variety of hosts. The genus contains many species. Newly described members of human enteroviruses are assigned continuous numbers with the species designated "human enterovirus

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Heterogeneous serotypes of various species in the genus ENTEROVIRUS, found in association with various diseases in man and other animals. The specific coxsackieviruses are distributed among the species HUMAN ENTEROVIRUS A; HUMAN ENTEROVIRUS B; and HUMAN ENTEROVIRUS C. The name is derived from a village in New York State where the virus was first identified

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note X ref COXSACKIEVIRUSES: GEN only, prefer specific Coxsackievirus terms; infection = ENTEROVIRUS INFECTIONS or COXSACKIEVIRUS INFECTIONS, follow text

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