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Solutions sclérosantes

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Solutions, Sclerosing
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Sclerosing Injections
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Injections, Sclerosing
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Sclerosing Agents
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Agents, Sclerosing
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Sclerosing Drugs
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Drugs, Sclerosing
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Injections sclérosantes
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Agents sclérosants
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Produits sclérosants
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Médicaments sclérosants
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Chemical agents injected into blood vessels and lymphatic sinuses to shrink or cause localized THROMBOSIS; FIBROSIS, and obliteration of the vessels. This treatment is applied in a number of conditions such as VARICOSE VEINS; HEMORRHOIDS; GASTRIC VARICES; ESOPHAGEAL VARICES; PEPTIC ULCER HEMORRHAGE

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coordinate /ther use with disease /ther, not disease /drug ther

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Sclerosing Solutions

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