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Facteurs précipitants

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Factor, Precipitating
[Nom commun]
Factors, Precipitating
[Nom commun]
Precipitating Factor
[Nom commun]
Facteurs déclenchants
[Nom commun]
Facteurs déclenchants
[Nom commun]


Note publique d''information : 
Factors associated with the definitive onset of a disease, illness, accident, behavioral response, or course of action. Usually one factor is more important or more obviously recognizable than others, if several are involved, and one may often be regarded as "necessary". Examples include exposure to specific disease; amount or level of an infectious organism, drug, or noxious agent, etc

Note générale sur le champ d'application : 
IM general only; coordinate NIM with disease, accident, or behavioral response

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Precipitating Factors

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