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Actes de congrès

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Meeting Reports
[Nom commun]
Comptes rendus de réunions
[Nom commun]
Comptes rendus de réunions
[Nom commun]


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Published records of the papers delivered at or issued on the occasion of individual congresses, symposia, and meetings; abstracts of papers delivered at such congresses; reports of the officers and delegates of such congresses; combinations of the foregoing; or proceedings of the conference of a society if they are not limited to matters of internal organization

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This heading is used as a Publication Type. Congresses as a subject are indexed under the main heading CONGRESSES AS TOPIC. CATALOGER: Use for proceedings of a conference, works that are based on a conference or that consist of expanded (updated) papers from a conference, or abstracts of papers from a conference. Do not use Publication Type MEETING ABSTRACTS. Do not use for works containing only one or two papers from a conference, or for personally authored summaries of a conference

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