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Alamán, Lucas (1792-1853)


Langue d'expression : Espagnol
Pays : Mexique
Date de naissance : 18 -  10 -  1792
Date de mort : 02 -  06 -  1853


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Information trouvée : Lucas Alaman Mexican statesman and historian of great merit, b. at Guanajuato in Mexico, of Spanish parents, 18 October, 1792; d. in the city of Mexico, 2 June, 1853. He received his early education in the city of Mexico, went to Spain and France in 1814, and returned to America in 1815. He made a second voyage between 1815 and 1823; in 1824 he became Secretary of State of the Mexican Republic. After 1836 he dedicated himself to literary and historical work until 1851, when Santa Ana recalled him to the post of Secretary of State.

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