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Nakayama, Shigeru (1928-2014)
中山, 茂 (1928-2014)


Langue d'expression : Chinois,Japonais
Pays : Japon
Date de naissance : 22 -  06 -  1928
Date de mort : 10 -  05 -  2014
Genre : Masculin


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Transcription Hepburn modifié

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Physicien, historien des sciences


Teikoku daigaku no tanjō : kokusai hikaku no naka de no Tōdai / Nakayama Shigeru cho, 1978

帝国大学の誕生 : 国際比較の中での東大 / 中山茂著, 1978

Chinese science, explorations of an Ancient Tradition / Shiegeru Nakayama, Nathan Sivin, 1973 consulté le 2014-12-05

Information trouvée : Nakayama, Shigeru (1928/06/22-2014/05/10), 2013-08-16

Information trouvée : Shigeru NAKAYAMA is born in Japan in 1928. Graduated from Hiroshima Higher School in 1948 (physical science major) and from the University of Tokyo in 1951 with astrophysics major. Since then, his interest shifted to the history of science, a more humanistic aspect of science, visited USA as a Fulbrighter and coffered Ph.D. in the history of science and learning (history of universities) at Harvard in 1959. In 1960, he joined the Faculty of Arts and Sciences , University of Tokyo until his retirement in 1989. Then, his post moved from the University of Tokyo to School of International Business Administration, Kanagawa University, where he had been Professor of STS Center until 2000.

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