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Frady, Marshall (1940?-2004)


Langue d'expression : Anglais
Date de naissance : 1940
Date de mort : 09 -  03 -  2004
Genre : Masculin


Note publique d'information : 
biographe et scénariste.


Billy Graham : a parable of American righteousness / Marshall Frady, 1979

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Information trouvée : MARSHALL FRADY Died Mar. 9, 2004 : Emmy-winning TV journalist and author Marshall Frady died of cancer at age 64. Mr. Frady wrote "Wallace," a biography of former Alabama governor George Wallace. The book was the basis for the TV film "George Wallace," which starred Gary Sinese as the controversial American civil rights figure. Frady along with Paul Monash adapted his own book to the screen. Mr. Frady won an Emmy for the TV documentary "Soldiers of the Night," which dealt with mercenaries.

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