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O'Neill, Thomas Philip (1912-1994)

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O'Neill, Thomas Philip Jr.
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O'Neill, Tip
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Langue d'expression : Anglais
Pays : Etats-Unis
Date de naissance : 09 -  12 -  1912
Date de mort : 05 -  01 -  1994
Genre : Masculin


Note publique d'information : 
Rapporteur à la Chambre du Congrès, Washington, USA (en 1993)


Internet,, 27-11-2004

Information trouvée : Thomas Philip O'Neill, Jr. (December 9, 1912 January 5, 1994), commonly known as Tip O'Neill, was an American politician. O'Neill was an outspoken liberal Democrat and influential member of the U.S. Congress, serving in the House of Representatives for 34 years and representing two congressional districts of Massachusetts. He was the Speaker of the House from 1977 until his retirement in 1987, making him the longest-serving Speaker in U.S. history.

The Congress distionary : the ways and meanings of Capitol Hill / Paul Dickson, Paul Clancy; with a special frw. by the Honorable Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill, Jr.; with research assistance from Charles D. Poe, 1993
Source consultée en vain : LCNA (CD OCLC), 1993-09

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