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Marshack, Alexander (1918-2004)


Langue d'expression : Anglais
Pays : Royaume-Uni
Date de naissance : 04 -  04 -  1918
Date de mort : 20 -  12 -  2004


Note publique d'information : 
anthropologue, journaliste


Internet, alt.obituaries, 2004-12-27

Information trouvée : décès 2004 : Alexander Marshack, a self-taught anthropological researcher who first interpreted certain Stone Age artifacts as primitive calendars, advancing the notion that prehistoric man was more inventive than previously thought, and who and lived in Manhattan, New York, died on December 20, 2004, at the Jewish Home and Hospital in Manhattan, at the age of 86. Though Mr. Marshack was a journalist by training, his work earned him a position as a research associate at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard in 1963, and his maverick findings attracted widespread interest when they were published in Science in November 1964. Mr. Marshack was born in the Bronx on April 4, 1918

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