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Schmeling, Max (1905-2005)

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Schmeling, Maximilian Adolph Otto Siegfried
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Langue d'expression : Allemand
Pays : Allemagne
Date de naissance : 28 -  09 -  1905
Date de mort : 02 -  02 -  2005


Note publique d'information : 
Boxeur poids lourd, directeur de sociétés


Internet, alt.obituaries, 2005-02-05

Information trouvée : The former world champion, one of Germany's biggest sports idols, died Wednesday, according to his foundation in Hamburg.

Internet, , 07-002-2004

Information trouvée : Maximilian Adolph Otto Siegfried Schmeling.Schmeling used his fight proceeds to buy Coca-Cola distributorships in Germany and became wealthy bottling and distributing the soft drink

Internet,, 2005-01-03

Information trouvée : Max Schmeling, remembered in the ring for his two fights with Joe Louis, heavyweight champion Max Schmeling remains unjustly associated with Nazi Germany and was unfairly depicted as a villain in the United States. His title and image were used as a propoganda tool by Adolf Hitler to demonstrate Aryan supremacy. Born: September 28, 1905,Schmeling served as a German paratrooper during World War II and resumed his career when the war ended. He fought until 1948 before retiring.

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