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Aquino, Corazon Cojuangco (1933-2009)

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Aquino, Maria Corazon
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Aquino, Cory
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Cojuangco, Maria Corazon
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Langue d'expression : Pilipino langues (autre)
Pays : Philippines
Date de naissance : 25 -  01 -  1933
Date de mort : 01 -  08 -  2009
Genre : Féminin


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Femme politique, présidente de 1986 à 1992


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Information trouvée : Aquino, Cory popular name of (Maria) Corazon Aquino, née Cojuangco (1933- ) Philippines politician and president (1986-92), born in Tarlac province. She studied at Mount St Vincent College, New York, before marrying a young politician, Benigno S Aquino (1932-83), in 1956, who became the chief political opponent to Ferdinand Marcos. Imprisoned on charges of murder and subversion (1972-80), he was assassinated by a military guard at Manila airport in 1983 on his return from three years of exile in the USA. Corazon was drafted by the Opposition to contest the 1986 presidential election, and claimed victory over Marcos, accusing the government of ballot-rigging. She took up her husband's cause, leading a non-violent 'people's power' campaign which succeeded in overthrowing Marcos. She survived several coup attempts during her presidency, but did not stand for re-election in 1992

Le Monde, 2009-08-05

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