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Quillen, Daniel Grey (1940-....)


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Internet, 04-01-2005

Information trouvée : Quillen was awarded his Ph.D. for a thesis on partial differential equations in 1964 entitled Formal Properties of Over-Determined Systems of Linear Partial Differential Equations. After receiving his doctorate, Quillen was appointed to the faculty of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He spent a number of years undertaking research at other universities which were to prove important in setting the direction of his research. He was a Sloan Fellow in Paris during academic year 1968-69 when he was greatly influenced by Grothendieck, a visiting member of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton during 1969-70 when he was strongly influenced by Atiyah, and a Guggenheim Fellow again in France during 1973-74. Quillen at present works at the University of Oxford in England. Born: 27 June 1940 in Orange, New Jersey, USA : Daniel Grey Quillen

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