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Rue, Rosemary (1928-2004)

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Lawrence, Elsie Rosemary
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Langue d'expression : Anglais
Pays : Royaume-Uni
Date de naissance : 14 -  06 -  1928
Date de mort : 24 -  12 -  2004


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Internet, alt.obituaries, 2005-01-05

Information trouvée : Rosemary Rue, a former President of the Medical Women's Federation, founded the scheme that enabled women doctors to train part time to become specialists, thereby enhancing their lives, and their patients' lives, and solving the shortage of specialists. She also founded the Faculty of Public Health (now called Community Medicine), a medical college that brought together the various academic and in-the-field experts in this subject. Rue's other spectacular contribution was to found the Faculty of Public Health, part of the Royal College of Physicians and now the Faculty of Community Medicine, in 1972. Elsie Rosemary Laurence, medical practitioner: born Hutton, Essex 14 June 1928; Assistant County Medical Officer and part-time paediatrician, Hertfordshire 1960-65; hospital doctor, Oxfordshire 1965-73; Assistant Regional Medical Officer, Oxford Regional Hospital Board (later Oxford Regional Health Authority) 1965-71, Senior Assistant Medical Officer 1971-73, Regional Medical Officer 1973-88, Regional General Manager 1984-88; CBE 1977; seconded as Professor of Community Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 1980-82; President, Medical Women's Federation 1982-83; President, Faculty of Community Medicine 1986-89; DBE 1989; President, British Medical Association 1990-91; FRCS 1994; married 1950 Roger Rue (two sons; marriage dissolved); died Stanton St John, Oxfordshire 24 December 2004.

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