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Baker, Henry (1698-1774)

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Stonecastle, Henry
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Nature du nom : Pseudonyme


Langue d'expression : Anglais
Pays : Royaume-Uni
Date de naissance : 08 -  05 -  1698
Date de mort : 08 -  05 -  1774


Note publique d'information : 
Naturaliste et journaliste


Internet, le 26-03-2005,

Information trouvée : Henry Baker (May 8, 1698 - May 8, 1774) was an English naturalist. Baker was born in London. After serving an apprenticeship with a bookseller, he devised a system of instructing the deaf and dumb. under the name of Henry Stonecastle, he was associated with Defoe in starting the Universal Spectator and Weekly Journal. In 1740 he was elected fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and of the Royal Society.

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