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Noddack, Ida Eva (1896-1978)

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Tacke, Ida Eva
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Langue d'expression : Allemand
Pays : Allemagne
Date de naissance : 1896
Date de mort : 1978


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Information trouvée : Noddack, Ida Eva (born Tacke) Born: Lackhausen near Wesel (Germany), 1896 Died: Bad Neuenahr (Germany), 1978. After studying chemistry in Berlin she worked in a company and, together with her husband Walter Noddack, at a state institution for the control of physical and chemical measurements (Physiklisch-Technische Reichsanstalt). After she carried out research at the universities of Freiburg and Strasbourg and at an institution for geochemistry in Bamberg. After a long investigation in 1925 the couple succeeded in discovering the element Rhenium by X-ray spectroscopy

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