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Adelson-Velsky, Georgy Maksimovich (1922-2014)
Адельсон-Вельский, Георгий Максимович

Variantes de point d'accès

Adelson-Velskij, Georgii Maksimovic
[Nom de personne]
Adel'son-Vel'skij, Georgi Maksimovich
[Nom de personne]
Adelson Velskij, Georgiy Maksimovitch
[Nom de personne]
Adelson Velski, Georgy Maximovitch
[Nom de personne]
Adel'son-Velski, Georgy Maximovitch
[Nom de personne]
Adelson-Velskii, Georgi Maksimovitch
[Nom de personne]
Georgij Maksimovič, Adelʹson-Velʹskij
[Nom de personne]
Adelson Velsky, Georgy Maksimovitch
[Nom de personne]


Langue d'expression : Anglais,Russe
Pays : Fédération de Russie
Date de naissance : 08 -  01 -  1922
Date de mort : 26 -  04 -  2014
Genre : Masculin


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Note publique d'information : 
His first paper in 1945 won a prize from the Moscow Mathematical Society. He began working in artificial intelligence and other applied topics in the late 1950s. Along with Evgenii Landis, he invented the AVL tree in 1962. This was the first known balanced binary search tree data structure. Beginning in 1963, he headed the development of a computer chess program at the Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics in Moscow. His innovations included the first use of bitboards (a now-common method for representing game positions) in computer chess.

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Adelʹson-Velʹskij, Georgij Maksimovič


Algorithms for games / G.M. Adelson-Velsky, V.L. Arlazarov, M.V. Donskoy, 1988

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