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Ross, John (1790-1866)


Langue d'expression : Cherokee
Pays : Etats-Unis
Date de naissance : 1790
Date de mort : 1866
Genre : Masculin


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Ross, John; Oct. 3, 1790-Aug. 1, 1866; Cherokee chief; b. near Lookout Mountain, Tenn.; s. David and Mary (McDonald) R.; his Indian name was Cooweescoowe or Kooweskowe; father was Scotch; mother was 1/4th Cherokee blood; became leader of Cherokee party opposed to westward removal; led his people to new home what is now Oklahoma; chosen chief of united Cherokee Nation, 1839; held this office until his death; m. Cherokee woman, Quatie (d. 1813); m. Mary Bryan Stapler of Wilmington, Del., a white woman, 1845

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