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Langue d'expression : Anglais
Date de naissance :  2011
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La jaquette indique :"Throughout her reign Queen Elizabeth II has inspired artists not only to embrace tradition, but also to extend the genre of royal portraiture. This book celebrates the complex evolution of representations of Her Majesty and provides a fascinating vision of a changing nation alongside a changing monarchy. Author Paul Moorhouse probes the dialogue between traditional depictions of the Queen and the progressive informality of the mass media. He shows how this interchange has produced a new iconography that has profoundly influenced modern perceptions of monarchy. Moorhouse demonstrates that the diverse and multi-faceted artworks illustrated in the book, including portraits by Cecil Beaton, Lucian Freud, Gilbert and George, Yousuf Karsh, Annie Leibovitz, Chris Levine, Gerhard Richter, Snowdow and Andy Warhol, provide both a lens through which the Queen's reign may be viewed, and evoke a wider artistic, social and historical context. With sections relating to each decade from the 1950s onwards, and an illuminating essay exploring the reign and jubilees of Queen Elizabeth II by historian David Cannadine, this inspiring book charts a transformation in the portrayal of modern royalty".

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