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Langue d'expression : Anglais
Date de naissance :  2015
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"In this fascinating and intimate look at the borderland between East and West--Venetian Italy and Ottoman Albania--distinguished historian Sir Noel Malcolm brings to life not a clash of civilizations so much as their fascinating and nuanced interdigitation. In the late sixteenth century, a prominent Albanian named Antonio Bruni composed a treatise on the main European province of the Ottoman Empire concerning his country's place in the empire. Using that text as a point of departure, Malcolm's Agents of Empire explores and evokes the lives of an eminent Venetian-Albanian family and its paths through the eastern Mediterranean. The family includes an archbishop in the Balkans, the captain of the papal flagship at Lepanto, the power behind the throne in the Ottoman province of Moldavia, and a dragoman (interpreter) at the Porte. Malcolm uses the family's collective biography as a framework on which to build a broader account of East-West relations and interactions in this period. In doing so, he sheds light new light on the interrelations between the Christian and Ottoman worlds, illuminating subjects as diverse as espionage, slave-ransoming and the grain trade, challenging assumptions about the relationship between. The family trees and biography of Antonio Bruni thus reflect a larger story of empire and cultures, and Malcolm's discoveries challenge classic assumptions while also providing an immersive narrative of discovery"--

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