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Langue d'expression : Anglais, Thai langues (autre)
Date de naissance :  2009
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Puq Lu is a Akha man in his 60s from Meng song village, right at the boarder with Myanmar. The Akha are considered a sub group of the Hani, this tibeto burmese ethnic group is spread over Xishuan banna ( southern part of Yunnan ), Myanmar, Laos and Thailand, they are around half a million people. Meng song village was already occupied by the red army in the 60s and during the cultural revolution period traditional clothes and music were forbidden and ancient culture never really recovered from that prohibition, people in Mengsong walk around without any particular Akha clothe the way they would in Laos or Thailand. In this collection of chinese Akha songs, the singers are between 60 and 80 years old, they are the only ones who carry on this oral litterature, unknown by younger generations. 3 categories divide the oral transmission of Akha culture, the first one is called do ko ko or recited stories, the 2nd one is called sha ko : Akha melodies accapella or with instruments with words belonging to ancient stories, poetry or new stories, the 3rd one is involving dance while clapping bamboo sticks on the ground and group singing.

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