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Langue d'expression : Grec ancien
Date de naissance :  2014
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Note biographique: Silvia Ronchey, Siena University; Paolo Cesaretti, Bergamo University

Note publique d''information : 
Description: This book is the first critical edition of the Commentary on the Iambic Canon by Eustathius, archbishop of Thessalonica, the celebrated Byzantine scholar and writer. The text is accompanied by a critical apparatus, three additional apparatusses, a complete range of indices and an exhaustive introductory essay. The book thus will bring the reader to a fuller comprehension not only of Eustathius’ method of study and teaching, but of the entire Byzantine learning structure, sources and mentality, and of its relationship not only with the ancient classics, but also with more recent texts censored after the end of the Iconoclasm, on which the whole book spreads new light.

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