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Date de naissance :  2004
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["Basic Course in Criminal Law - General Criminal Law Teachings"]The textbook introduces all the principles and systematic connections of General Criminal Law Teaching. By presenting and debating current solutions to problems in jurisprudence and legal teaching, it offers the reader the opportunity to comprehend the evolution of assumed premises in General Criminal Law Teaching. The scope has been extended since the previous edition. This expansion was required on the one hand due to the adoption of new questions and on the other hand due to the emerging clarification, specification and modifications of known problem constellations that arose in the ongoing debate. The following are cited for example: The halting of proximate cause through independently executed self-danger and/or self-damage, a negligence offence, substantial and unsubstantial deviations from real versus imaginary causal effects, the "emergency assistance through torture", the "killing of house tyrannies", the liability of Guarantor's Obligation Arising from Preceding Action ("Ingerenzhaftung") from committing an offence through positive action, the punishment of an unsuitable attempt of a false offence of omission, the "professionally adequate" and "neutral" aid procedure and the competitors

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