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Langue d'expression : Anglais
Date de naissance :  2015
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Dealing with economic failure is one of the persistent and ubiquitous features of economic life. This volume brings together international scholars from several academic disciplines – economic and social history, legal history and law. They address a variety of different aspects on economic failure ranging from case studies on bankruptcy, insolvency, speculation, and strategies of coping with economic and financial squeezes. One focus throughout the book is on the in-betweens and the reciprocal impact of law and practice. The timeframe covers the period from the late middle ages to the present day. Irrespective of the temporal, spatial or cultural differences a slow and tedious evolution from a creditor-friendly to a more debtor-friendly perspective can be perceived. The chances for a fresh start have slightly improved

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«Jeder einzelne Beitrag ist faszinierend zu lesen und bietet einen profunden Einblick in die jeweilige Epoche in den verschiedenen Ländern bzw. Städten. In dieser Hinsicht ist das Werk ein wertvoller Beitrag zur Konkursgeschichte.» (Dieter Stiefel, VSWG 3/2017)

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