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Langue d'expression : Anglais
Date de naissance :  2018
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Résumé éditeur : "This Handbook brings together leading scholars to cover the primary and secondary literature on John Henry Newman’s life and writings, and explore his ongoing relevance. Part I grounds Newman’s works in the places, cultures, and networks of relationships in which he lived. Part II looks particularly at the writers who shaped Newman’s thought. Part III engages critically and appreciatively with select theological, philosophical, and literary themes in his writings. Part IV continues the work begun in Receptions of Newman (Aquino and King 2015), examining how his writings have shaped conversations in the Anglican and Roman Catholic traditions of which he was part and in the university, historiography, and literature in which he worked. This Handbook will serve as an important resource for critical and appreciative exploration of the person, writings, controversies, and legacy of Newman."

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